Session A

The sessions below have been closed captioned using machine captioning. As a result they may contain errors. We are working through the editing process and apologize in advance for any closed captioning errors. 

Track 1 - Demystifying Grants and Service Agreements


Track 2 - Navigating Communication Styles Across Generations


Track 3 - Why Fund Me? 


Track 4 - Secure Food Supply: Helping Agriculture Prepare for a Foreign Animal Disease Outbreak


Track 5 - Scenario-Based Learning


Track 6 - Building Your Team's Evaluation Capacity in PEARs


Track 7 - How to Podcast


Track 8 - Business Succession Strategies


Track 9 - Make It Take It and Recipes


Track 10 - Sharpening our DEI Lens

This session was not recorded.


Track 11 - Introduction to Courage Building Skills


Track 12 - Unleash your Captain S.A.S.S. (Self Awareness Strengthening Self)


Track 13 - Recognizing, Preventing and Treatment of Opioid Misuse in Rural Communities


Track 14 - Active Office Workshop