Session B

The sessions below have been closed captioned using machine captioning. As a result they may contain errors. We are working through the editing process and apologize in advance for any closed captioning errors.

Track 15 - Increasing the Competitiveness of Your Grant Proposals

Track 16 - Transitioning your advisory groups back to face to face, can there be a hybrid model?

Track 17 - Volunteer Central: An introduction and overview

Track 18 - Making Strategic Connections after the Election 

Track 19 - Get "UP" and Move!

Track 20 - PEARS Tips and Tricks: How to avoid the most common mistakes.

Track 21 - How We Built a Live Talk Show and Podcast

Track 22 - Finding Financial Success in Uncertain Times: The Drive begins at the Farm

Track 23 - Nutrition- Keeping It Fresh 2.0

Track 24 - LGBTQA+ Communities and Inclusive Language

This session was not recorded due to the sensitive nature of the conversation.

Track 25 - Inclusion Starts with our Language 

Track 26 - Self-Care: Barriers, Boundaries and Best-Practices 

Track 27 - Electronic Cigarettes and the Youth Epidemic

Track 28 - Retirement Myths and Facts