Session C

The sessions below have been closed captioned using machine captioning. As a result they may contain errors. We are working through the editing process and apologize in advance for any closed captioning errors.

Track 29 - Understanding Pre-Award at Michigan State University

Track 30 - Science of Team Science 

Track 31 - Creating Activities and Sign-Ups in Volunteer Central

Track 32 - Hidden in Plain Sight

Track 33 - Meeting Michigan’s Beginning Farmers’ Needs - Where to Start?

Track 34 - Working with Support Staff to Promote Your Programs 

Track 35 - Innovative Online Tools for Successful nutrient management A Hands-on

Track 36 - Learning Through Experience: Designing and Facilitating Experiential Learning in Adult Education

Track 37 - CANCELLED: Live on the Farm: a Virtual Tour of MSU Tollgate's Vegetable Production

This session was cancelled prior to the conference.

Track 38 - Productive Call-Outs: Tools and Strategies for Responding to Microagressions

This session was not recorded due to the sensitive nature of the conversation.

Track 39 - Jim Crow Museum Tour

This session was not recorded.

Track 40 - Is Step III for You? Tips for Potential Success

Track 41 - The basics of understanding Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's)

Track 42 - Greening the Garden