Session E

The sessions below have been closed captioned using machine captioning. As a result they may contain errors. We are working through the editing process and apologize in advance for any closed captioning errors.

Track 57 - VEND

Track 58 - Promoting Citizen Science Across Extension to Increase Value and Public Engagement

Track 59 - 2.0 4-H Online Overview and Q & A Session

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Track 60 - Tribal Consultation: Continuing to Build the Relationships

Track 61 - Marketing your Extension Program Using Social Media

Track 62 - Applied Research Initiatives: Collaborations with the MSU School of Planning, Design and Construction

Track 63 - Best Practices with Technology

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Track 64 - Classroom Management and Effective Communication

Track 65 - Place-Based Education - how to locally learn and improve your community at the same time

Track 66 - Farming While Black in the U.S.: A Historical Overview and Tips for the Field  

Track 67 - Panel on the LGBTQIA+ Experience in MI 4-H

Due to the sensitive nature of the conversations in this video, we will be making alternative arrangements to share this video.

Track 68 - The Message Behind the Marketing - Decoding Food Labels

Track 69 - Time to Think About Phosphorus Management - Not One-Size Fits All

Track 70 - Cooking at Home with Crystal

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