To celebrate the work of individuals and teams, awards are presented during Fall Extension Conference. Learn more about this year's award winners by viewing the 2023 Fall Extension Conference Program Booklet and the Awards Program Booklet.

Below is a list of some of the awards that are presented during the conference. Explore the various awards using the links to the right.

Gordon Guyer Collaborative Team Award

This award was created in 2014 to honor teams that conduct high-quality, collaborative programming that contributes to the mission of MSU Extension, has been developed through a process of issue and opportunity identification and clientele needs analysis, and has had demonstrably positive effects on programming outcomes.

It is named for former MSU Extension Director Gordon Guyer. During his tenure, Dr. Guyer encouraged MSU Extension staff at all levels to develop evidence- and research-based, collaborative, and interdisciplinary programs to meet the needs of Michigan residents.  Read more about Dr. Guyer’s contributions here:


MCEA John A. Hannah Award for Program Excellence

The John Hannah Award recognizes superior Extension programs that are developed and carried out by MSU Extension professional staff members who are appointed by the MSU Board of Trustees. It is considered the most prestigious of the Extension awards as it recognizes the excellence of the program.

The award was established when Dr. John Hannah retired as president of Michigan State University. The members of the agent and specialist associations voluntarily contributed funds for a “suitable memorial to Dr. Hannah that would encourage professional achievement among Extension staff.” The earnings from these gifts, plus any further gifts are used to support the award.


Key Partner Award

The Key Partner award recognizes individuals, organizations, media, special MSU programs and government officials who have made significant contributions to creating, improving or promoting MSU Extension programs. The MSU Extension director grants the award. The award is determined based on nominations from staff, faculty, retirees and volunteers.


ESP Friend of Extension Award

The Friend of Extension Award from the Michigan Chapter of ESP recognizes individuals who truly have been friends of Extension. Their efforts may have been to help promote programs, represent us as lay leaders, serve as key program development persons, act as program collaborators or support MSU Extension in other ways. Past recipients have come from organizations, media, MSU, local government and private business. 


Staff Awards

Staff awards given by the MSU Extension administrative leadership include:

  • Meritorious Service, Administrative Leadership  
  • Meritorious Service, Educator / Supervising Educator
  • Meritorious Service, Program Instructor / Community Nutrition Instructor / 4-H Program Coordinator
  • Meritorious Service, Extension Specialist / Academic Specialist
  • Meritorious Service, Support Staff / Supervisors
  • Emerging Issues / Rapid Response Awards
  • Diversity, Equity and inclusion Impact Award
  • Innovative Technology Award
  • Institute Team Award

*Association Awards are recognized in the Fall Conference program.