DON"T USE Hanover Forest Science Seminar Series

Past Presentations:

Fall 2019

  • Clarice Esch, "Evaluating Acacia Koa as a Restoration Tool" and Catherine Henry, "Regeneration Dynamics in Managed Northern Hardwood Forests:
  • Monique Sakalidis, "Perspectives on Forest Pathology:
  • Runsheng Yin, "China’s Long March in Restoring Degraded Terrestrial Ecosystems: Policy, Practice and Performance"
  • Kyla Dahlin, "Does understanding ecological diversity improve forecasts of the Earth system?"
  • Judith Kamoto, "Forest Management in Malawi from Conventional to Participatory: Implications and Future Prospects"
  • Bahar Aliakbarian, "From Food and Agriculture Waste to Incremental Revenue: A Sustainable Platform"
  • Gerald Jondreau, "Anishinaabewaking – The Importance of Teaching Anishinaabek History, Treaties, and Perspectives in Natural Resource Programs"
  • Nyeema Harris, "Spatial Variation in the Mesoniche: Dynamism Within Michigan’s Carnivore Community"
  • Richard Kobe, "Mass timber in the new STEM Teaching and Learning Facility"


  • Scott Stark, "Phylloenvironments and Canopy Ecology: Transforming Perspectives on the Global Links Between Forests and the Atmosphere" 
  • George Berghorn, "Contributions of the Science of Domicology to the Circular Economy of Wood and the Built Environment"
  • Emily Huff, "Stories from the field: Measuring social dynamics in urban and rural forestry context"
  • Mojgan Nejad, "Sustainable Bioproducts Derived from Lignin"
  • Wil Santiago, "Equal Employment Opportunity in the Federal Sector"
  • Andy Finley, "Modeling and Computational Considerations for Large Spatiotemporal Data Sets"
  • Paul Bolstad, "Understory influences on overstory forest structure: shrubs, size, and canopy shape?"
  • Ramani Narayan, "Using biobased carbon (renewable) content and biodegradability - compostability to design and synthesize “greener” products" 
  • Gary Roloff, "Wildlife responses to structural retention in timber harvest units"
  • John Ralph, "Lignin Manipulation in Plants: ‘Designing’ biomass lignins for the biorefinery"      
  • Jeremy Luterbacher, "Staying one step ahead: fighting unfavorable kinetics during the chemical upgrading of biomass"
  • Annie Cooper Smith, "Connecting pattern and process through the use of remote sensing in forest ecology"
  • Michael Dockry, "Tribal forestry: leading 21st century forest management through innovation, partnership, and culture"
  • Gang Shao, "Towards high throughput assessment of canopy dynamics in Amazon forests: exploring the challenges and opportunities for multi-temporal multi-site lidar remote sensing analysis"
  • Zakiya Leggett, "Intensive Forest Management Effects on Soil Sustainability in the Southeastern US"
  • Christel Kern, "Short- and Long-term effects of Prescribed Fire in Northern Dry Forest Ecosystems"
  • Steven Lawry, "Restoring Forests, Restoring Communities"
  • Thomas Easley (Forest Paths speaker), "Relationships, History, Hip Hop and Forestry: Integrating Diversity and Inclusion in Environmental Sciences"
  • Jerry Franklin, "Managing Forests to Sustain Ecosystems: The Alternative to the False Dichotomy of Plantations or Preserves



  • John Banks, "Forest management for bolstering wildlife species assemblages: conservation challenges in an East African forest reserve"
  • Fernana Santos, "Tracing the fate of slowly-cycling C pools in temperate forest soils"
  • Alon Tal, "All the trees of the forest: the extraordinary story of Israel's woodlands"
  • Bron Taylor, "Spirituality after Darwin: 'dark green' nature religion and the future of religion and nature"
  • Dengsheng Lu, "The roles of textural images in improving land-cover classification in the Brazilian Amazon"
  • Warren Heilman, "Local air quality during low-intensity prescribed fires in forested environments: observations and predictions"
  • Nina Lany, "Spring tree phenology, caterpillar abundance, and the timing of breeding by a migratory songbird in a northern hardwoods forest"
  • Jiquan Chen, "Harmonizing people and nature"
  • John Vucetich, "Laws of nature, historical contingency, and the wolves and moose on Isle Royale"
  • Yvette Dickinson, "Groupy-clumpy restoration of a frequent-fire conifer ecosystem on Colorado’s Front Range"
  • Stephanie Grand, "Soil carbon dynamics in short-rotation woody plantations of the northern Lake States"


  • Erika Marin-Spiotta, "Challenges predicting successional trajectories during post-agricultural reforestation in the tropics"
  • Runsheng Yin, "Linking devolved tenures with forest conditions in the context of climate change mitigation"
  • Inga Parker La Puma, "Landscape disturbance in the modern forest: modeling the role of human influences on forest ecosystems"
  • Ines Ibanez, "The role of biotic interactions in tree range expansion"
  • Aaron Weiskittel, "Projecting the potential influence of climate change on forests: the uncertainty of modeling the unknown"
  • Emily Scott, "How carbon sticks to soils and how carbon cycling processes stick in students’ minds"
  • Emilio Moran, "Deforestation and environmental changes in the Amazon Basin"
  • Christopher Woodall, "Foresters counting atoms: the forest carbon inventory of the United States"
  • Stephen Gasteyer, "Measuring the social significance of forests: social indicators of forests and bioenergy"
  • Matt Carroll, "15 years of fieldwork on wildland fire in the wildland-urban interface: does it add up to anything?"
  • Marla Emery, "Consuming the city: urban forests as components of the urban food system"