7th Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholders Conference Nov. 18-20

ReNAPRI’s 7th Annual Stakeholder Conference will engage a diverse group of highly informed stakeholders committed to building resilience into the region’s agricultural sector. The sessions will be geared to identify effective policies and innovative public and private sector investments which will ensure open markets and facilitate broad-based resilient growth.

  • 7th Annual ReNAPRI Stakeholder Conference: The Great Reset: Embedding Resilience into African Agriculture. 18-20 November, 2020. Virtual webinar: visit www.Renapri.org for more info.
  • PRCI side event to ReNAPRI annual stakeholder conference: Introducing PRCI’s suite of capacity building platforms for policy research, and its Research-to-Policy (R2P) program. Friday, November 20, 14:15-15:30 CAT / 07:15 – 08:30 EST. Virtual webinar: visit www.Renapri.org for more info.

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