FSG's Ben Belton Interviewed for Article on Sustainable Aquaculture

FSG member and AFRE Associate Professor Ben Belton lends his expertise on commercial aquaculture in Myanmar for a new article in Hakai Magazine.

In a new article for Hakai Magazine entitled "Hold the Salt: The Promise of Little Fresh Fishies" journalist Paul Tullis interviews Department of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics Associate Professor and member of the Food Security Group, Ben Belton, on the growth of aquaculture in Southeast Asia.  In the interview Belton shares his views on the growth of the industry and its importance in places like Myanmar where Belton has done extensive research over the last 15 years.  Throughout the interview, Belton discusses how freshwater aquaculture can be an important and sustainable practice for meeting global food security needs.

To learn more about sustainable aquaculture in Southeast Asia and to hear more from Belton follow this link.