Guiding Investments in Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa (GISAIA)

This grant project intended to improve the incomes and food security status of African farmers and consumers through policies that increase the profitability of cereal crop through agricultural intensification. The ultimate goal is to contribute to sustainable agricultural productivity growth in Africa. 

Over the period 2013–2017, AFRE faculty members have worked with 10 African universities, institutes and government ministries in seven countries Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Malawi, Burkina Faso, and Mali to implement effective policy and programmatic strategies that help African farmers become more productive and food-secure. The team has also built the capacity of national policy institutes to guide and support their countries agriculture ministries and eventually accept and manage international grants. 


  • Policy impact leading to improved food security and living standards;
  • Capacity building and analytical skill development of the Ministries of Agriculture in the region;
  • Improved analytical capacity of the national research institutes forming this consortium;
  • Public goods research findings that will be utilized more broadly both researchers and practitioners in other countries, which may indirectly contribute to improved policy impacts elsewhere;
  • A regional network (ReNAPRI) of nationally recognized policy institutes that can accept and manage grant funds to the national institutes for regionally coordinated grants.

The project is funded through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



Publications and Presentations