About Fisheries and Wildlife

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is a vibrant community of scholars including approximately 50 core faculty, 20 postdoctoral research associates, 100 graduate students, 240 undergraduate students, 7 core staff, and 25 research/center/program staff.

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Our Mission is to build local, national, and international capacities to conserve ecosystems that support fish, wildlife, and society through integrated programs in research, education and engagement.  We are committed to the integrative nature of natural resources conservation and management, with our expertise ranging from disciplinary areas with a long-standing history in the domain of fisheries and wildlife to those emerging more recently.  

Today, the Department’s faculty, students and staff address a wide range of research themes that fall along spectrums of scientific approaches to understanding, collaborators, funding sources, stakeholder groups, and disciplinary areas.  Collectively, we are tackling challenges and developing solutions in areas including, but not limited to: managing for sustainable harvest of fisheries and wildlife populations, developing sound governance structures and effective policies, assessing the ecological status of animal populations and their ecosystems at broad geographic scales, and understanding and responding to emerging infectious diseases, global climate change, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife trafficking, environmental toxins, and invasive species.

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