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The Strategic Plan for the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is written for members of the Department (FW), College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), and University (MSU). The time frame of the plan is approximately 5 years (2021-2026).

 FW: Evolve, Explore, Educate, Engage, Elevate


FW Strategic Plan



Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core for charting FW’s path forward.

Goal 1.1. Practices are in place to enhance diversity in our department and diversify the communities we serve.

Goal 1.2. Departmental culture and environment actively support equity and inclusion.

Goal 1.3. Increase assessment and levels of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department.

Goal 1.4. Include faculty, staff, postdoctoral scholar, and student voices in department governance.


Generate new knowledge relevant to inclusive natural resource decision-making.

Goal 2.1. FW research inclusively addresses natural resource challenges facing society.

Goal 2.2. FW supports and encourages basic and applied research in its many forms (e.g., collaborative, multi/inter/transdisciplinary, translational).

Goal 2.3. FW conducts innovative research, i.e., research that develops and employs cutting-edge technologies and methodologies.

Goal 2.4. FW engages stakeholders, students, researchers, and society in all aspects of the research enterprise.

Goal 2.5. FW supports research across its mission and intertwines research with outreach and education.


Develop the next generation of FW scientists and managers and improve scientific literacy about natural resource systems.

Goal 3.1a. FW offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree opportunities supported by contemporary and inclusive curricula that position FW students to achieve established learning goals. Goal 3.1b. FW teaches courses that promote scientific literacy among undergraduates and that support degree programs of other departments at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Goal 3.2. FW recruits, supports, retains, and graduates a diverse group of academically strong and passionate students who are prepared for the next step of their professional journey.

Goal 3.3. FW supports and prioritizes excellence in teaching, mentoring, and advising that delivers high quality education to all students.


Extend the value of our work beyond the academy; listen, learn, collaborate, and empower all.

Goal 4.1. FW engages diverse audiences to increase stewardship of natural resources by all and inspire the next generation of scientists and managers.

Goal 4.2. FW advises and engages decision-makers to improve natural resources management.

Goal 4.3. FW prepares students for careers that require outreach and engagement skills.

Goal 4.4. FW develops, applies, and studies best practices in outreach and engagement.


Bring awareness and understanding of our work to all.

Goal 5.1. FW stories attract and support cohesive, strong, and diverse groups of students, faculty, and staff.

Goal 5.2. FW stories raise our profile, attract partners, and foster relationships across MSU, the state, the nation, and the world.

Goal 5.3. FW provides access to communications tools and support


Full FW Strategic Plan 2021 (PDF)


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