Ecosystem Management

Natural resource management is undergoing a transition from species-oriented to ecosystem-oriented problem solving. Our Department has made a strategic commitment to advancing the science of ecosystem management.

Outreach related to landscape and watershed ecosystem management:

  • Collaboration with state DNR; advice on management strategies
  • Legal dimensions of policy development for ecosystem management in Malawi
  • Community outreach on status the Red Cedar watershed
  • Workshops on preparing watershed management plans
  • Technical support through the regional CRP study to the U.S. Congress on the Farm Bill
  • Pond management workshops and extension programs
  • Wetland management consultation with communities and agencies


The Great Lakes comprise a vast aquatic resource in which the State of Michigan has a major interest. The bi-national organizations (GLFC, IJC) that oversee Great Lakes resources are committed to ecosystem approaches to management of fisheries and other aquatic resources.

Outreach related to Great Lakes ecosystem management:

  • “Life of the Lake” - award-winning TV documentary
  • Sea Grant Extension agents advise the GLFC and MDNR
  • Sea Grant Extension public education workshops
  • Sea Grant Extension assisted discussion of Great Lakes fishery management issues (e.g., salmonid stocking cuts, perch decline)
  • Annual Great Lakes Conference during ANR week
  • Membership on GLFC Board of Technical Experts (science advice to Commission)
  • Regular attendance at meetings, and technical advice for Great Lakes fishery management committees, and technical committees.
  • Advice to multiple state, federal, and international agencies on hatchery practices
  • 4-H Great Lakes and Natural Resources Teen Leadership Camp