Natural Resource Stewardship

Conservation and rehabilitation of fish and wildlife resources and their ecosystems (the Department mission) will require citizens with a strong and effective sense of stewardship to implement science-based resource management. We address this need as well as the need for resource science.

Outreach related to natural resource stewardship:

  • Information Exchange
  • Detroit River Remedial Action Plan - with Wayne county MSU Extension
  • LeadNet AoE Team - Community Action Leadership
  • Facilitator for South Branch Mill Creek Inter-county Drain, Technical Advisory Committee
  • Project F.I.S.H.
  • Burke Lake Banding Station
  • 4-H Shooting Sports program
  • 4-H Natural Resources/Environmental Education program (volunteer and teacher training programs, curriculum and project guides, state-wide and county-based events, etc.)
  • Stewardship ethics curriculum for International Hunter Education Association
  • Development of Lake Leaders Institute for Michigan Lakes and Stream Association
  • Development of Great Lakes Fisheries Leadership Institute for various fisheries stakeholders
  • GLEP - ship-based Great Lakes outdoor education courses