Members of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife are engaged in multiple research areas related to our mission of building local, national, and international capacities to conserve ecosystems that support fish, wildlife, and society.  We are committed to the integrative nature of natural resources conservation and management, with our expertise ranging from disciplinary areas with a long-standing history in the domain of fisheries and wildlife to those emerging more recently including managing for sustainable harvest of fisheries and wildlife populations, developing sound governance structures and effective policies, assessing the ecological status of animal populations and their ecosystems at broad geographic scales, and understanding and responding to drivers of global change.

Sea Grant SalmonOur research activities are maintained by a strong and diverse research portfolio, with funding provided by a range of sources including state, federal, and international natural resource agencies, traditional federal science agencies, and private conservation organizations. Several faculty positions are supported through the Partnership for Ecosystem Research and Management with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. 

The department also supports faculty efforts in several Centers.


Photo Credit: Michigan Sea Grant