MSU Fisheries & Wildlife Club 

We are a student organization which is passionate about conservation and natural resource management. Although our focus is on fish and wildlife management, we are a group with varied interests in the fields of: ecology, conservation biology, marine biology, plant biology, environmental ethics/philosophy, forestry, zoology, wildlife rehabilitation, outdoor education, environmental policy and sustainability. Our members are pursuing careers as naturalists, fish and wildlife biologists, ecologists, researchers, educators and any occupation that focuses on the unique interaction between humans and the environment.

The club is closely connected to our Fisheries and Wildlife Department here at Michigan State University along with being joint Student Chapters of The Wildlife Society and the American Fisheries Society. It is a way for students to further enrich their educational experience outside of class. We provide members with opportunities to gain valuable field experience, meet with professionals, discuss conservation issues and increase the awareness of nature’s benefit to society through outreach on campus. In order to meet the global challenges that threaten our natural world, we understand that we must learn and apply concepts at the local level. At the end of the day though, we are about having fun! Through social gatherings and outdoor recreation, our members become great friends and this is the biggest reason that our organization continues to thrive.



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