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How to become a volunteer:

Competent, caring adults who are concerned about young people are an important part of our county 4-H programs. Volunteer Leaders become positive role models for 4-H members. The purpose of our Volunteer Selection Process (VSP) is to help you get to know MSU Extension 4-H programs better and for MSU Extension 4-H to get to know you better. Knowledge about your interests, skills and background will help us to make a better match between your volunteer interests and the needs of youth, the first step of the process is to complete the forms (see links below) and send them to our office at:

VSP MSU Extension
555 W. Cedar Ave
Gladwin, MI 48624

 (Please write ‘confidential’ on the envelope)

Once we receive the forms you will receive an email to set up an interview.

For more information on volunteering check this out:

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