Application Checklist

Here are some tips on information you will need and/or materials you can prepare before going online to complete your Great Lakes Leadership Academy application.

  1. Secure support for your time and financial commitment to the program from:
    • Your employer and/or business partner (if applicable). Determine if they are willing to provide financial assistance for your participation in the program.
    • Your spouse/partner (if applicable).
  2. Compile:
    • A list of schools attended, approximate dates of attendance and degrees, certificates, or diplomas awarded.
    • An employment record including dates of employment, job title, and a description of work.
    • A list of trade associations, community groups, and/or other activities in which you have been in a leadership role, along with approximate dates of involvement in each activity.
    • A list of three references along with complete contact information, including an email address.
  3. Consider these short answer/essay type questions that you will find on the application. It may be helpful to use a word processing program to compose your answers, and then, cut and paste the answers into the online application form.
    • Briefly describe your most significant leadership achievement.
    • What are your expectations for how the Great Lakes Leadership Academy may help you achieve your future goals personally, as well as in your community and/or trade organizations or activities?
    • In your opinion, briefly identify two or three issues that you consider important. For one of these issues, describe what you think could be done. If you have been involved in helping to solve the problem, please explain.
    • How did you hear about the Great Lakes Leadership Academy?

You may edit your application following submission. If you are not able to complete the entire application at one time, or you wish to add information or make changes prior to the application deadline you can do so by editing or completing an existing application. Once you have submitted all the required information on the application, the system will automatically send you a confirmation email providing you with your application ID number. You will need to enter your last name and your application ID number to gain access to your online application.