Program Testimonials

"I can see and understand how walking in another's shoes can help form a better perspective for me. Decisions made from a variety of perspectives are stronger and longer lasting."

-- Luke Meerman, Ottawa County farmer

 "GLLA has opened my eyes to the great need that all communities around the state have to value our natural resources and opportunities that are available in the state of Michigan for our children."

-- Shannon Perry, Detroit Parent Network Deputy Director

 "Through GLLA, I have learned to work within group dynamics, to be more flexible and adaptable in my leadership style, and I have learned to come prepared and trust in my own abilities and in others. This will allow me to work better in the future as a community organizer and activist. Michigan needs leaders now more than ever, and I plan to use these skills to benefit Michigan."

-- Lee Gaddies

 "You can’t separate the three issues of land-use planning, rail transportation, and energy. I intend to use my increased confidence and continue to work with my GLLA network to bridge these gaps and move forward in a way that is positive for Michigan."

-- Mitch Adelman

 "I have learned that leadership is more about engaging others and learning how to listen to what they have to say, and together we can work through the issues no matter what the barriers are."

-- Angela Riess

 "My GLLA experience has come at EXACTLY the right time for me. You have helped me practice the art of Appreciative Inquiry and to search for Common Ground."

-- Rob Zeldenrust

 "I have expanded out of my smaller circle of agriculture and broadened my perspective to share and gather input, ideas, and insight from the greater community. Our issues are interlinked and I will have access to this broad network for the rest of my life."

-- Roger Victory, Michigan Representative