Developing Lignin-Based Polymeric Resins: A Q&A with Michigan State University Professor Mojgan Nejad 

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THE FORESTRY SOURCE - Published Apr. 2020

In this interview, Michigan State University Professor Mojgan Nejad explains lignin's uses as a material, and highlights the important factors contributing to her research in lignin-based polymeric resins.




Mojgan Nejad Wins ASC 2018 Innovation Award

ADHESIVE & SEALANT COUNCIL - Published Apr. 25, 2018

At the 2nd annual ASC Innovation awards at the 2018 ASC Spring Convention, Michigan State University in partnership with POET took home the small business award for the development titled; “Lignin Based Adhesive for Engineering Wood Products.” The lead developer and accepting the award for MSU was Mojgan Nejad.





Lignin Can Make Building Materials Less Toxic, Replaces Petroleum

MSU TODAY - Published Jul. 31, 2017

A collaborative study by Mojgan Nejad proves that lignin, a byproduct of paper and bioethanol production, can completely replace phenol in phenolic adhesive formulation. This research directly impacts housing manufacturing by introducing biobased adhesives made of lignin, a renewable resource, instead of petroleum-based phenol. Nejad’s research is the first instance showing the 100 percent successful substitution of phenol with lignin.



Deck Stains Seal in Contaminants

ACS C&EN - Published July 26, 2010

Paul Cooper and Mojgan Nejad of University of Toronto have discovered that a semitransparent penetrating stain may prevent leaching of metals and other inorganic preservatives from household decks.