Healthful, Homegrown Herbs

Many of the culinary herbs we use today were highly esteemed by cooks in ancient times, and some were also used medicinally. Herbs add beauty to the garden, delight us with their fragrance and enhance the flavor of many foods. They attract pollinators and serve as pollen and nectar plants. Learn how to bring out the best in foods prepared with herbs utilizing classic and less common recipes. To give you an idea of the recipes we cover and whet your appetite, how about a starter course of Tuscan bean soup with winter savory and fresh thyme, creamy green goddess dressing served over a selection of fresh leaf lettuces, cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes, cheese bread with chives, followed by lemon lavender scones and lemonade flavored with lemon verbena? Try the herbs both dried and fresh, to find out which ones you prefer and learn how to grow them successfully at home. You get to sample the results of dishes prepared in class and take home those recipes and more to try at home. We’ll also give you tips on food safety, preserving and storage of herbs.  

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