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Camptocerus noel
Camptocerus noel
New genus of ambrosia beetle
New genus of ambrosia beetle

Camptocerus videos of behavior

  • Camptocerus videos of behavior: Camptocerus courtship: A male Camptocerus noel is on Protium amazonicum Swart bark at an entrance hole created by and occupied by a female. The male periodically brushes his antennal funicular setae across the female’s elytra in a fluttering motion and produces a whirling sound. He then repeatedly placed his frons against her abdomen, which corresponds to the concavity of his frons. The male periodically chirps using his elytra-abdominal stridulatory mechanism. The male’s abdominal segments vibrate as he chirps.
Scolytus rabagalii
  • Camptocerus videos of behavior: Mate competition: Two male Camptocerus noel are on the bark of Protium amazonicum. The first male courts a female by placing his frons against her abdomen as she sits in the entrance tunnel to her gallery. The second male walks on the bark near the first male and female. As the second male approaches the pair, the first male pushes him away with his frons and promptly returns to the female. He resumes the courtship behavior.
Ambrosiophilus peregrinus