Garden Day - Department of Horticulture

Perennial Garden Tour

Join our very own perennial plant geek, Bethany Troy, as we take a tour of the Judith DeLapa Perennial Garden. See some of her favorite plants for the Michigan garden, as well as stunning combinations at the peak of the gardening season. Wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to be outdoors for this session. Bethany Troy, Perennial Garden Manager, MSU Horticulture Gardens.

Adding Flowering Herbs to Your Garden

Looking to add some color to your herb garden? Learn about unique flowering herbs that are very easy to grow and have both culinary and medicinal benefits. We will also look at some container ideas (Insect Repellent Garden, Healing Garden) using these wonderful plants! Connie Hanson, owner, Grand Shire Farm, Sand Lake, MI

The Garden in Your Beer

Take a tour through your garden and discover all the plants that you might find in your beer. We will explore the brewing process and where some of your favorite garden plants, and many more, fit into beer. We will take a short trip back to pre-15th century and explore beer before hops were used. Dr. Norm Lownds, Curator, 4-H Children's Gardens, Head Brewer, Hop Garage Brewery

Trees for Your Backyard

Enjoy a tour of our own C.E. Lewis Landscape Arboretum where we will focus on small and mid-size tree species to add beauty to your home landscape. This is a longer walk than most sessions - wear comfortable walking shoes and be prepared to be outdoors. Susan Gruber, Academic Specialist, MSU Department of Horticulture.

Horticulture at Higher Heights

Have you seen our green roofs on campus and wondered why and how they are used? Join our Director to learn about vegetated roofs - their history, benefits, and common plant species used. You'll leave with information on how to create your own green roofed bird house at home!  Kristin Getter, Assistant Professor and Director of the MSU Horticulture Gardens.

Let's Talk About Shrubs

Demystify the wondrous world of shrubs with self-proclaimed woody plant enthusiast, Brian Gayheart. Participants will learn how to
select, care, and maintain some of Brian's favorite shrubs he has discovered as the Plant Purchaser at one of Lansing's largest nurseries. Come prepared to relax as Brian simplifies the process of adding award winning shrubs to your home landscape. Brian Gayheart, Nursery Stock Purchaser, Cottage Gardens, Inc.

Designing Small Spaces

Small spaces in the landscape are meant to be cozy, comfortable, and a place to relax with family and friends. They serve the likes of their owners and truly benefit from personal touches. Let's take a close look at developing these cozy, personal spaces. Bob Schutzki, Associate Professor, MSU Department of Horticulture.

Gardening in a Pickle

Calling all pickle-lovers! Join us for this fun and tasty workshop on growing, preparing, and enjoying pickles. We will explore everything from the typical tasty cucumber and dill combination, to unexpected fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices with prime pickle potential. Be prepared for an indoor/outdoor workshop (some walking required) as we explore a pickle garden planted especially for Garden Day! Daedre McGrath, Trial Garden Manager, MSU Horticulture Gardens.

Fresh from the Garden Floral Arrangement

Discover all your garden has to offer for unique fresh floral arrangements. This hands-on session will help you learn how to use your garden as a palette for floral arrangement, discover flowers that can be foraged for unique designs, and how to cultivate some of the best flowers for planting in your next cutting garden. Each participant will make an arrangement.