Master Gardener Idea Bed

Judith and George Mynsberge generously endowed this garden to give Master Gardener Volunteers an opportunity to share their creative garden design skills and ideas. This bed is located between the rose garden and Food Toxicology building, near the VIP garden.  (See the map below, in the lower left corner).  

Perennials 2014

A map of the location of the Master Gardener Idea Bed (lower left corner of map)


The bed itself is round and about 35 feet in diameter with full sun.  An example of what it looked like in the Summer of 2018 is below.


A 2018 picture of the Master Gardener Idea Bed.

Design Contest

Every four years we have a design contest and the winning design is installed and maintained for four years until the next design contest!  For more information, see our Design Contest Page!

Past Design Contest Winners

See our past winners page for previous winners.  

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