Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

The tuition for courses in all of the IAT certificate programs is the same tuition rate for all other undergraduate MSU courses. The current tuition information and cost calculator can be found at the Tuition and Fees page on the MSU website. Some courses may have additional expenses for supplies, labs, and/or field trips.

Since IAT Certificate programs can be completed within two years, the overall financial investment is less and the overall time commitment is less. Graduates will be on their way to employment in a shorter time frame than students pursuing a bachelors degree. IAT students are eligible for scholarships and should contact their program coordinator/advisor about financial aid opportunities.


Off-Campus IAT Certificate Programs

The MSU courses in the off campus IAT certificate programs are the same tuition rates for MSU courses on campus in East Lansing.  Each semester, students will typically enroll in a combination of MSU courses and community college courses to reach full time student status.  This will make students eligible for financial aid which is administered by the community college partner.  The Off-Campus IAT certificate programs have an overall lower expensive than a program on-campus in East Lansing due to 21 credits of the program requirements are satisfied by the community college partner courses. Students enrolled in an off-campus IAT certificate program may also be eligible for scholarships from the community college partner and should check with the community college’s Financial Aid Office for more information and scholarship applications. Students should also talk with their IAT program coordinator about MSU IAT related scholarship opportunities.

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