Response Team

MSU Department of Entomology

  • Rufus Isaacs, Berry Crops
  • Larry Gut, Tree Fruit
  • Mark Whalon, Cherries
  • Matt Grieshop, Organic Pest Management
  • Ernest Delfosse, Entomology chair
  • Amos Ziegler, Spatial mapping

MSU Department of Horticulture

  • Eric Hanson, Berry Crops
  • Greg Lang, Cherries
  • Paolo Sabbitini, grapes

MSU Extension field staff

  • Brad Baughman, Berrien County
  • Mark Longstroth, Van Buren County
  • Carlos Garcia, Ottawa County
  • Amy Irish-Brown, Kent County
  • Nikki Rothwell, NW Michigan Horticultural Research Station
  • Duke Elsner, NW Michigan Grapes
  • Bob Tritten, Genesee County

Michigan Department of Agriculture

  • Robin Rosenbaum, Plant Industry Section

Fruit Commodity Representatives

  • Dave Trinka, MBG Marketing
  • Shelly Hartmann and Bob Carini, Michigan Blueberry Advisory Committee
  • Allyn Anthony, Michigan State Horticulture Society
  • Phil Korson, Cherry Marketing Institute