Fruit Pest and Beneficial Search

Use this search to identify diseases, insect and mite pests and beneficials, a critical step in any integrated pest management (IPM) plan. This search covers tree fruit and grape pests and is based on the publications “Tree Fruit Field Guide to Insect, Mite, and Disease Pests and Natural Enemies of Eastern North America” and “A Pocket Guide for Grape IPM Scouting in the North Central and Eastern United States.”

  • Lady beetles


    Adults are oval and convex in shape, often brightly colored (e.g., orange-red or yellow) and usually with black spots or marks on their wing covers, sometimes with a checkerboard appearance.

  • Multicolored Asian lady beetle

    Beneficial, Insect - Pest

    The multicolored Asian ladybeetle, an introduced species, feeds on pests during summer. They may be many colors with several or no spots and can be distinguished from other ladybugs by the black M or W (depending on the viewing direction) between the head and abdomen (see photo).