Black Medic


trefoil, spotted burclover, black clover, hop medic, hop clover, nonesuch, blackseed

Medicago lupulina

Black medic is a low-growing creeping weed that is well adapted to many lawn situations. In particular, black medic can be an indication of low soil nitrogen. It is most common to find medic in full sun , low maintenance situations. Black medic and white clover grow in similar situation and are often found growing together.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    Cultural practices for managing black medic can be very effective. Increased nitrogen fertilization will be extremely effective at reducing medic competition. However, it is often necessary to remove existing medic in order for cultural practices to be most effective.

    Similar Species

    Black medic can be mistaken for white clover but is distinguished from white clover by its lack of a crescent-moon shaped watermark and a center leaflet which has a separate petioliole. Yellow woodsorrel is a trifoliate that also lacks the watermark and has deeply indented heart-shaped leaflets.