Carolina Geranium


wild geranium, crane's-bill, Carolina crane's-bill

Geranium carolinianum

Carolina geranium is an uncommon weed of low or no-maintenance areas such as fence rows. The leaf shape is very similar to common mallow, except that the leaves are more finely dissected. Pink, inconspicuous flowers are produced within the canopy. Plants typically do not persist after flowering.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    Carolina geranium is most often found in margin areas along fence rows and around building foundations. Often these areas do not receive routine mowing or fertilization. Carolina geranium will not effectively compete with a vigorous turf.

    Similar Species

    Common mallow and Carolina geranium can be mistaken for each other. The overall leaf shape of each is similar. However, the leaves of Carolina geranium are deeply dissected giving them a shredded appearance. Carolina geranium is generally not as vigorous, has a more inconspicuous flower and does not produce the classic cheese-wheel seed pod that is evident on common mallow.