English Daisy


lawn daisy, European daisy, Marguerite, bonewort, hen-and-chickens, herb Margaret

Bellis perennis

English Daisy is an escaped ornamental plant that can sometimes be found in lawns and pastures. Prefers heavy, moist, fertile soil and can tolerate mowing heights down to 1 inch. It can be quite showy when flowering in the spring and otherwise undetected in the lawn with its dark green color and low growing habit. The leaves are nearly entire (smooth edges), covered with hairs, and spatulate (thinner at the base). Leafless stems produce solitary characteristic 'daisy' flower with yellow disk-flowers and white-to-pink ray flowers.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    English daisy can be an indicator of partially shaded site and/or heavy soils and will tolerate low mowing heights. Raising mowing height and increasing sun exposure (perhaps some judicious pruning) should improve turfgrass competitiveness.

    Similar Species

    Flowers of English daisy resemble that of white heath aster. White heath aster can growth 2-4 feet tall while English daisy remains as a basal rosette.