Germander Speedwell



Veronica chamaedrys

Germander speedwell is one of several speedwell species that inhabit Michigan. Speedwell is often used as an ornamental ground cover and is commonly available at retail greenhouses. Germander speedwell is a perennial that has simple, opposite narrow leaves near the base that are slightly elongated.

Often considered difficult-to-control, speedwell has a fibrous root system and spreads rapidly in patches. Blue, violet or white flowers are products in the spring. Mature fruit is heart-shaped.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    All speedwell species thrive under well-fertilized, moist, short mowed conditions. Speedwell will compete for resources in sun or shade.

    Similar Species

    Germander speedwell has similarities to several other weeds. Henbit, Persian speedwell, corn speedwell and creeping speedwell and germander speedwell can all be confused. The elongated leaf shape and opposite-90 leaf arrangement of germander speedwell distinguish it from the other look-a-likes.