Mouseear Chickweed


large mouseear, chickweed mouse-ear

Cerastium vulgatum

Mouseear chickweed is a low-growing perennial that can tolerate extremely low mowing heights (even at greens height). It can tolerate a wide variety of soil and growing conditions. The leaves of mouseear chickweed are typically very thick, dark green and covered with hairs.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    Dense, vigorously growing turf can effectively limit mouseear chickweed invasion. Once established, this weed is not easily removed with cultural practices as it is well adapted to most situations. Mouseear chickweed is one of a handful of weeds that tolerates the low mowing height of putting greens.

    Similar Species

    Mouseear chickweed can easily be distinguished from common chickweed by it elliptical, hairy leaves. Common chickweed leaves are glabrous (hairless), shiny and most often spade shaped (cordate) coming to a distinct point.