Tall Fescue


coarse fescue, reed fescue, Festuca elatior

Festuca arudinacea

Tall fescue is a clumping perennial cool-season turfgrass. Its coarse texture and aggressive growth habit make it objectionable in many situations because it does not mix well with other turfs.

  • Crops Affected: turf


    As with most perennial grasses, it is very difficult to remove tall fescue by cultural means. Standard recommendations for increased fertility and mowing frequency will only serve to improve the quality of the tall fescue as well as the surrounding turf. Physical removal of patches is the most effective means technique for eliminating tall fescue.

    Similar Species

    Tall fescue can be similar to quackgrass and ryegrass. Homeowners reporting infestations of crabgrass in April-June are usually seeing clumps of tall fescue in their lawns. Tall fescue lacks the clasping auricles found on quackgrass and lacks the prominent mid-rib found on ryegrass.