Pesticide Safety Brochures

The following is a list a pesticide-related educational materials geared for the general public. Publications are available via the linked page in a PDF format. A print copy may be ordered from the MSU Extension Bookstore

  • E-2725 What does a pesticide label say?
  • E-2760 Choosing a Pest Control Company
  • E-2771 Choosing a Lawn Care Company
  • E-2778 Integrated Pest Management in the Home
  • E-2814 Molds in the Home
  • E-2837 Community Spray Programs
  • E-2971 Questions and Answers about Bedbugs
  • E-2976 Questions and Answers about Head lice
  • E-2986 Questions and Answers about Flea

Additional Resources:

  • E2784 SAFE: Transport, Storage and Disposal of Pesticides
  • E2837 Community Spray Programs