Resources for Teachers

There are many great resources available to teachers and students to learn more about insects, pests, pesticides and Integrated Pest Management, and to supplement IPM activities in the classroom.

  • Michigan State University Integrated Pest Management Curriculum for Grades K-6 - a great downloadable IPM curriculum guide that includes activities and resources for teaching K-6. Developed by Erica Jenkins.
  • Additional Classroom Resources - more links for teachers and schools including IPM in schools, IPM curriculum, classroom resources, and lesson resources.
  • Pennsylvania State University School IPM Education Resources - The premier clearinghouse for IPM curricular resources, this website includes a comprehensive searchable database on teaching resources related to IPM as well as lessons and links.
  • Florida 4-H Bug Club - An excellent website for kids from the University of Florida. The site provides lesson plans, games, and a lot of information for kids about insects.
  • Katerpillars (& Mystery Bugs) Website - University of Kentucky Entomology Department. This site is fun and educational for younger kids. It includes activities and links to teaching resources, including lesson plans for field and classroom experiments.
  • Roach World Website - Discovery Communications. A great kid-friendly site about roaches. Includes IPM techniques to keep them away.
  • EPA Student/Teacher Websites - The main EPA site for teacher resources, student assistance and kids’ education. Provides links to lessons, activities and resources from all the divisions in EPA.
  • Help! It’s a Roach! - Learn about cockroaches and have fun in this interactive version of the popular EPA publication.
  • Insect ID - Insect identification help from the Smithsonian O. Orkin Insect Safari.
  • Learn About Chemicals in Your Home - Explore an interactive house and discover the chemicals that you could encounter in your home.
  • Cockroach Facts - Facts about bugs for adults and kids.