Communications Intern

Employment type: Internship
Application Deadline: January 2, 2015

Internship Description:

The Communications Intern would research and prepare articles pertaining to issues within the greenhouse industry. These issues would involve water quality, water use, energy efficiency, consumer demands and plant disease. Upon completion of researching and preparing articles, the articles would then be sent to members and consumers of the organization to enhance their understanding of the issues. The intern would also perform research on science-based industry material for the creation of PowerPoint and seminar presentations. The intern would also develop content for consumer education materials.

Description of Skills Desired:

A basic knowledge of agriculture communications is most desired for this internship. Basic knowledge of agriculture science would be needed for the intern to understand and comprehend the topics that would be researched and presented to both consumers and producers over the duration of the internship.

Description of Company:

Michigan Floriculture Growers Council (MFGC) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2005. The organization is a non- profit organization that represents businesses involved in floricultural/greenhouse operations who strive to improve the industry. MFGC holds member educational trainings to inform companies and consumers within the industry of possible issues and improvements. Julian Vail performs account management services for MFGC; therefore, the intern would be employed at Julian Vail, but be working on matters involved with MFGC. Currently, five people are employed at Julian Vail.


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