Farm manager Trainee

Hiring Organization: Harvest Thyme Farm & Vineyards
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Cheboygan, MI
Application Deadline: May 1, 2020

We are seeking a highly motivated individual interested in running a produce farm. Our goal is for this to be a multi-year growth position with the end result of this person managing most of the daily operations of the farm and be involved in the long-term planning of the farm. 

This will be a year-round position in which you can expect to work 40-50 hours per week during the peak summer season and 10-20 hours per week in the off-season (some weeks off mid-winter). 

The first season will involve working on the field production end of the farm, getting to know the systems and participating in our planning discussions. If all goes well, you can anticipate taking on some managerial responsibilities in year two and, ideally, full responsibilities by year three or four.  

Who we are:

We are a small diversified vegetable and flower farm with approximately 5 acres in production focused on selling direct to consumers in our local area through a 175+ member farm share program and area farmers’ markets. We are committed to selling only the highest quality produce using sustainable growing methods, but we are not certified organic at this time. We are located in Cheboygan, MI; approximately 3 hours north of Lansing, MI. You can learn more about the farm at

Cheboygan is located in the northern lower peninsula, about 20 miles south of the Mackinac Bridge. We are in a rural area, with around 20,000 people residing in the county. The area has abundant outdoor recreational activities in all four seasons. Being a tourist and summer resident destination, Cheboygan is a seasonal economy with the population swelling to three or four times its winter levels during peak summer season. The local food scene is up and coming with the addition of a handful of new restaurants and other food businesses recently joining downtown. Cheboygan was recently selected as a Michigan Main Street city, meaning it is in the midst of a broad revitalization effort to boost economic growth involving residents, businesses, organizations and local government. 

Who we are looking for:

Someone who thinks they have what it takes to eventually manage the farm’s daily operations. Farming experience is a must and some managerial experience is a definite plus. Someone with experience operating various farm equipment would be ideal. Of course, we’re looking for someone that is interested in building a career with us. 

Someone not afraid to work hard and get dirty. We work when it’s sunny and 90; we also work when it’s snowy and 30 and of course, we work in the dirt (and sometimes mud). We’re looking for someone who can prove they can take it in stride and maintain a positive attitude.

Someone with people skills that can represent the farm well at farmers’ markets and eventually manage a crew of employees. Whether it’s getting to know customers’ names or dealing with the inevitable problem customer, we need someone that we know will show each customer they’re appreciated. It’s just as important that we have someone that’ll treat our employees with the same respect while managing them for optimum productivity.

You must be:

Able to work efficiently. Farming requires a lot of simple, but repetitive work. You must be able to stay focused on the task at hand while completing it with a high degree of attention to detail as quickly as possible.   

A quick learner. There are hundreds of different tasks on the farm throughout the season, many of which you’ll be expected to successfully complete with little supervision or assistance after an initial training. 

Able to take constructive feedback. We are highly focused on the quality of the product that leaves the farm. As such, we take every step of the process seriously to ensure a quality end product. You can expect to receive feedback on ways to improve your processes as you encounter new tasks. 

Able to problem solve. Farming = challenges, it’s inevitable. We need someone that can think quickly and solve problems independently so the farm can keep moving forward. 

Dependable. Work happens on a pretty tight schedule on the farm, so the ability to be able to depend on our crew is incredibly important. This means showing up on time on your scheduled days ready to work.


Responsibilities will include:

  • Harvesting, washing and packaging a wide range of produce and flowers.

  • Planting, weeding and maintaining vegetables and flowers. 

  • Seeding and potting in the greenhouse.

  • Assisting in various construction projects.

  • Pruning and maintaining our 5 acre vineyard.

  • Delivering farm shares to pick-up locations.

  • Setting up and staffing farmers’ market booths.

Why work for us?

The simplest way to put it is that of the four employees we had in 2019, three are returning in 2020 and one is leaving to start their own farm. Long story short, we try to keep the farm an enjoyable, low-pressure place to work.

This will be a year-round salaried position starting at $2,200 per month. Annual raises can be expected as more responsibility is assumed. We don’t have housing available, but we can assist in locating options. Tentative start date is slightly flexible, but ideally early May 2020. Position available until filled.  

To Apply:

Please send resume, cover letter explaining why this is the right position for you and 2-3 professional references to

For more information please click here

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