Farm Supervisor

Hiring Organization: Pero Family Farms
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Delray Beach, FL
Application Deadline: December 1, 2014


Farm Supervisor


Delray Beach, Florida


Regional Farm Manager

Job Description:

The duties and responsibilities of the Farm Supervisor include assisting the Regional Farm Manager in the following responsibilities:

Job Responsibilities:

  •   Assist with farming and harvesting operations

  •   Analyze farming practices to optimize quality/yields

  •   Assist in land preparation, irrigation, fertilization, pest and disease management

  •   Ensure Global GAP & GMP standards are being followed

  •   Ensure the company is in compliance with all governmental agencies and regulatory agencies

  •   Assist Farm Manager in coordinating daily production to achieve the most efficient cost of production while meeting the maximum yield and quality goals

  •   Continually monitor and evaluate the efficiency of operations, equipment and work practices

  •   Assist managing a labor force to accomplish the general farming goals stated above

    Job Requirements:

  •   Multi-task oriented, detail oriented, ability to work well with others, good organizational skills, strong leadership and motivational skills

  •   Knowledge of agricultural cropping systems, pest and disease control, production practices and crop maintenance

  •   Knowledge of production equipment

  •   Ability to manage, coordinate and communicate daily with crews

  •   Candidate may need to help in other locations, when a need arises

  •   Farming/Agricultural background would be a plus


Please email your resume to with response to the Farm Supervisor position.