Fertilizer Technician

Hiring Organization: PepperCo
Employment type: Full-Time
Application Deadline: June 27, 2020

PepperCo – Fertilizer Technician

The primary function of this position is to support the growers through key data collection activities such as EC & PH readings, water content, maintaining sulfur pots and Priva boxes, mixing fertilizer batches and plant registrations, all to help make calculated decisions to maximize plant health and production.


To perform the job successfully, the incumbent’s behavior must be consistent with the PRIDE values expected of all Mastronardi Produce employees: be Passionate; have Respect; be Innovative; be Driven and strive for Excellence.


  • Monitors daily, the electrical conductivity (EC) and PH levels in the irrigation water feeding the plants.
  • Monitor weekly the Priva boxes by checking for alarms and adding distilled water and wicks as necessary to properly read the ambient temperature in the greenhouses.
  • Using a meter to check the water content of the growing bags to see percentage of water content, temperature and fertilizer levels and record data in the computer database.
  • Daily, mix fertilizer batches and monitor tank levels using the computer systems and notify the growers if alterations to the mix need to be made.
  • Using a trolley, sulfur pots need to be filled and monitored to prevent powdery mildew.
  • Weekly collection of water samples is conducted and sent to offsite laboratory for analysis, which directly impacts the future fertilizer batches.
  • Conduct weekly inventory of all minerals and liquids used in the irrigation rooms.
  • Perform the necessary steps for weekly plant registration, regarding thickness of the plant, length of leaves, growth progression from previous week to help the growers determine crop tasks for the upcoming week.
  • Monitor and maintain the cleanliness and organization of the irrigation rooms and acid tanks.
  • Unload bees and open hives and place in proper locations throughout both greenhouses.
  • Weekly monitoring of all pumps and filters both in the greenhouse and irrigation room.
  • Must maintain confidentiality of all proprietary information, as well as other Company data, including personnel information.