Field Manager

Hiring Organization: Landscape Workshop
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Multiple Locations - Southeast United States
Application Deadline: May 13, 2019


As the leader of a work crew, the Field Manager must be able to communicate effectively. He/she must have good people skills to work with crew, account managers, and clients. Field Manager must have strong organizational and time-management skills; the ability to follow directions; and good record-keeping skills to manage timesheets and materials. Mechanical skills are necessary to make simple repairs. The Field Manager is also responsible for safely and efficiently producing quality landscape service meeting or exceeding the expectations of Landscape Workshop and our clients.

Job Description

  • Lead assigned crew
    • Enforce safety regulations at the job site
    • Coordinate and transport the crew, equipment, and materials to job site
    • Supervise crew of laborers during the major portion of the leader’s work time; duties include assigning and evaluating work, discipline, and communicating with account manager accordingly
    • Maintain daily records of material used from inventory
    • Respond to the inquiries of outside contractors
    • Maintain daily timesheets on tablets and absence reports on personnel
    • Operate and perform maintenance on vehicles and equipment
    • Keep assigned account manager aware of crew performance and needs
    • Conduct weekly job site inspections
    • Complete job site check list
    • Responsible for crew production rates, quality control, and safety
    • Assist in job scheduling and coordination of subcontractors
    • Confirm that all employees are operating safely at all times including reviewing potential traffic hazards; performing hard hat checks and safety gear checks; underground alert reviews; other trades hazard review and performing general public safety checks
    • Other duties assigned
  • Prepare trucks for day
    • Load gas cans, mowers, and other equipment onto trucks/trailers
    • Secure all equipment
    • Maintain and correctly use issued personal protective equipment
  • Perform maintenance on properties
    • Safely operate equipment with all necessary personal protective equipment
    • Mow turf using various mowers
    • Edge grass at curbs and walkways
    • Blow leaves and clippings
    • Prune shrubs and trees as needed and clear debris
    • Pull weeds as needed
    • Clean site and watch for trash, limbs, and rocks
  • Plantings and Flower Installation
    • Prep soil uniformly for flower or groundcover installation
    • Plant material properly considering depth, size, placement, and spacing
    • Apply mulch appropriately for type of material
    • Water material correctly
    • Edge beds or establish new bed edges
  • Perform maintenance on equipment
    • Unload equipment from trucks/trailers
    • Wash equipment and truck
    • Change equipment blades and oil
    • Clean air filters
    • Grease machines
  • Physical Demands
    • Safely perform heavy lifting/pushing/pulling of various landscaping equipment and materials, including, but not limited to backpack blowers, large containers of mulch/plant material, various sizes of lawnmowers, etc.
    • Safely operate hand and power equipment, including but not limited to manual and powered sawing and cutting equipment
    • Leverage 80 lbs. of a walk behind mower over curbs
    • Lift and carry up to 50 lbs.
    • Lift branches and limbs
    • Push, pull, grip and squeeze various tools, products and/or items (e.g., pruning)
    • Walk up to 10 miles a day, sometimes uphill and on uneven terrain, often while carrying, pushing, or pulling equipment, materials, or debris
    • Bend and kneel up to 9 hours or more a day
    • Spray various pesticides/herbicides

Work Environment

All positions are outdoors, very physical and fast paced. Work hours vary and may exceed 12 hours per day. Work is often done in extreme weather conditions. Noise level may be loud at times and use of ear plugs may be required. Weekly schedule is typically four 10 hour days/Mon-Thur. (May not apply to all locations). Estimated start time is 7:00 am - 4:30pm. End and start times vary depending on traffic, weather, and job task.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Some experience in lawn care helpful
  • Must be able to operate various lawn care machinery including mowers, edgers, and backpack blowers
  • Valid Driver’s License

To Apply

Please email your resume to Elaine Anderson at For more information, please click here.