Hiring Organization: City of Detroit
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Detroit, MI
Application Deadline: January 31, 2017


Under general supervision, performs a variety of tasks in connection with the propagation, cultivation, care, and exhibition of native and tropical plants in greenhouses, buildings, and park areas.        

Examples of Duties
  1. Performs the individual tasks involved in assignments such as planting seeds, making cuttings and grafts, layering and setting out plants, bulbs and tubers.
  2. Pots and repots plants.
  3. Cultivates, fertilizes, and waters plants.
  4. Prunes shrubs and vines and collects seeds.
  5. Regulates the temperature of greenhouses and conservatories.
  6. Lays-out and plants, cultivates, mulches and edges flower beds throughout the season.
  7. Carries out plans for arranging flowers for show.
  8. Supervises the work of a small group of helpers who prepares soil, water, fertilizes and cultivates plants, prunes or cuts back, sets out and/or stores bulbs and tubers; pots plants, and cuts back perennials for the winter, as required.
  9. Assigns tasks and instructs workers.
  10. Inspects work in process and upon completion.
  11. Repairs small tools and equipment used in cultivating flowers and plants.
  12. Applies pesticides to land or plant life.
Minimum Qualifications

High School graduation or GED. Preferably completion of two years of college coursework in horticulture, floriculture or related field.
Two years of professional experience in greenhouse work or landscape and/or garden work. 

Supplemental Information


  • Propagation and cultivation of native and tropical plants.
  • Greenhouse methods used in protection of plants from diseases, insects, and pests.
  • Planting and propagation; seed germination, plant division, plant cuttings such as leaf, stem and tip cuttings.
  • Observation to determine growth and detect insects, disease, watering issues, and other relating issues pertaining to plant growth and health. 
  • Operate a personal computer.
  • Display mechanical aptitude.
  • Display initiative, industriousness and dependability.
  • Interact effectively with the public and others with tact and diplomacy.
Employees in this class will be required, when necessary, to operate a Motor Vehicle. Valid State of Michigan Operator License is required.
Employees in this class must possess a valid State of Michigan Commercial Pesticide Certification with the categories: Core, 3B (ornamental), and 7E (interiorscape) and 6 (right of way).
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Work is performed in greenhouses, conservatories and outdoors with exposure to all seasonal weather conditions and to pesticides. Work involves frequent lifting, bending and resting on knees.