Floriculturist Foreman

Hiring Organization: Chicago Park District
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: September 9, 2018

Floriculturist, Class II

Initial Location:

May be assigned to either Lincoln Park Conservatory or Garfield Park Conservatory.


Under general supervision, carries out as well as supervises and instructs apprentice personnel in the propagation and maintenance of all types of horticultural plant materials in Park District facilities such as conservatories, propagating houses, nurseries and other indoor and outdoor floral areas.  Performs related duties as required.


Diagnoses, prescribes and carries out a treatment plan for plant problems.  Prepares proper soil mediums for plants.  Properly maintains plant and seedling beds.  Carries out proper planting spacing of plants.  Pots and transplants plants according to prescribed techniques and procedures.  Applies toxic chemicals to treat and prevent plant problems.  Applies non-toxic chemicals to treat and prevent plant problems.  Stores chemicals in specified storage areas.  Selects and utilizes the proper hand tools for the job required.  Provides assistance to the public and patrons regarding plant maintenance and identification. Supervises and instructs the apprentice personnel in the proper techniques of plant maintenance and propagation.


  • Training and Experience:
    One year of experience performing floriculture and horticulture activities such as those described above, or an equivalent combination of training and experience is required.  License Requirement: Must be appropriately licensed with a valid State of Illinois Pesticide License in order to apply pesticides within six (6) months from date of hire. 
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
    Good working knowledge of the principles and practices of floriculture.  Good knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions as applied to this position.  Good knowledge in plant identification.  Considerable knowledge in the use and handling of chemicals.  Skill in the safe operation of equipment and machinery used in floriculture.  Ability to communicate effectively with the public and patrons.  Ability to act in a supervisory capacity in the absence of superiors.  Ability to select the proper hand tools for the job required.

SALARY: $57,421.61 PER YEAR