Garden and Nursery Stock Technician/technicians

Hiring Organization: Bioconcentric Farms
Employment type: Internship
Job Location: Empire, MI
Application Deadline: June 1, 2020

Bioconcentric Farms ( is a certified organic farm incubator startup focused on restoring an abandoned 92-acre farm to regenerative agriculture and a native plant and seed nursery.  Positions are available to assist in launching this farm and creating paying positions to run and oversee the incubator aspects as evolving. 

Duration: Immediate-May 1st. to Open Ended

Internship positions will conclude at summer’s end as required by the academic calendar. However, interns can create a position to return to, or if a graduating senior, stay on indefinitely.  Initial positions are unpaid but include modest on-site housing and a 30-hour week to allow exploration; paying work in the seasonal service sector is available.

Description: Establishment of Certified Organic Vegetable Market Garden and Native Plant and Seed Nursery

Although the hourly requirement is under 40 hours, the diversity of tasks engaged by interns will exceed most internship positions.  Guidance on activities will be provided but applicant initiative is encouraged and will be respected.  The position, if filled by a single applicant, will initiate aspects of all topics; if multiple qualifying applicants are accepted, each will delve into greater detail and scale per topic. Three applicants will be accepted and teams are encouraged.  The third position will focus on market garden development.


Garden - Direct seeding of vegetables and flowers into prepared beds, preparing beds for transplants started prior to internship, nutrient and pH monitoring and adjustment, irrigation layout, weeding, harvest, processing, seed saving, and roadside sales.

Nursery – Seeding of stratified seed to trays, transplanting to pots and field conditions, cultivation of cuttings as allowable by season, root division and up-potting, processing seeds and seeding fields with native species. Weeding seedling beds. Fall seed collecting.

Farm Market – If the preceding positions are filled this will allow a surplus of products to sell at the roadside market and in regional farm markets.  This position will include designing and initiating cutting beds of herbs and flowers to develop the market farm presence.  Developing online sales and the website of is an option.

Note: The farm is funded by the landscaping services of Inner-coastal Ecological Services (  These services are temporarily suspended by executive order.  If resumed, interns would be offered paying work at $18/hr. after the 30 hour/week internship is satisfied to diversify internship experience to include restoration.