Hiring Organization: Fourth & Walnut
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Application Deadline: July 31, 2018


Job Description

A love of plants and an appreciation of garden design is required. Must devote self to client’s enjoyment of their gardens through careful weeding, proper trimming, mulching, planting/transplanting, and other garden care. Will find interest and derive joy through a sense of accomplishment in completing these tasks every day. Must be able to differentiate plant and weed characteristics and be open to learning plant names and horticulture. Alacrity, honesty, timeliness and communication skill must also be shown.

A Gardener will be required to-

  • Receive guidance from the head gardener and carry out instructions dutifully.
  • Proactively recognize needs seen in a client’s garden and carry out those needs on their own.• Contribute to a positive, life-giving work environment with fellow workers.
  • Arrive punctually, track hours
  • Communicate needs and ideas between client and head gardener. Effectively communicate with customer about our work.
  • Use power tools, work on knees, lift 50 lbs, and do physical labor for a full day.

Job location:

Ann Arbor, MI


Entry level. Based on skills listed - competitive. $12-16/hr.

Opportunities for advancement (Head Gardener, Design Install Foreman)

Full-time (Monday-Friday and some Saturdays 8:30-approx 5:30)

Part Time (Very flexible hours if schedule is given two weeks before any given work day)

To Apply:

We'd like to fill this position by end of July 2018

(734) 272-7321

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