Ground Person and Climber

Hiring Organization: Ellis Arbor Care
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: East Lansing, MI
Application Deadline: November 7, 2018


Ellis Arbor Care


Employer Info:

We are a small tree care company located in East Lansing, MI. We prune, remove, plant, and care for trees and shrubs. We are recognized by our clients for providing outstanding aesthetic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs. In this ornamental sphere of tree care services, we distinguish our company in the local market, and are fortunate to have earned the favor of some leading local nurseries, and the consulting arborist in the area, along with many fantastic clients, consisting mostly of homeowners, and also some businesses.


  • Ground person
  • Climber


  • Climbers start at $15/hour and increases with demonstration of skills and experience. Increase effective immediately in first pay period for climbers who demonstrate ability to work efficiently while working safely.
  • Ground person starts at $13/hour and increases with demonstration of improved skills, and efficiency while working safely.


  • Ground person:
    • Follows instructions with a good attitude.
    • Works safely in all situations.
    • Carries debris from tree pruning and tree removals to chipper and or trailer for disposal. Ability to lift pieces of trunk wood from trees, and stacks of branches is necessary.
    • Rakes efficiently and thoroughly. This is an aspect of daily work, and requires a degree of resiliency that is often underestimated by new workers.
    • Uses tools including chainsaw, handsaw, pruning secateurs, wood chipper, rakes.
    • Supports climber and learns to tie various knots for attaching items to climber’s line.
    • Learns to lower tree branches that a climber cuts, using ropes and rigging tools.
    • Learns pruning fundamentals on ground and from ladders for pruning small trees and shrubs that do not need to be climbed.
    • To train to become a ground person, no previous experience is necessary, but the following attributes are helpful: being physically and mentally fit, and able to focus mind and body into a state of gritty toughness to endure a long day of demanding labor; being interested in learning more about plants and trees, as well as technical equipment that is utilized in tree work; Having aesthetic or artistic sensibilities is a significant benefit for pruning ornamental trees. Naturally, as we are all unique individuals, some applicants will possess more strength in some of these attributes than in others. Do not be intimidated- All are welcome! But be aware of the need to grow in all of these areas. Are you up for it?
  • Climber:
    • Follows instructions with a good attitude.
    • Works safely in all situations.
    • Learns to (or can already, depending on applicant) climb safely, and work efficiently in trees to carry out the task at hand, such as pruning, removing, cabling and bracing.
    • To be hired as a climber, one must (1) have prior experience working as a climber for a company in the tree care industry, and (2) be able to demonstrate proficiency, and efficiency utilizing modern tree climbing practices to perform tasks working in the tree. (details provided during interview).
    • To train to become a climber, no tree climbing experience is necessary, but one must first possess all skills of ground person.


  • Email resume or letter expressing interest to Alex Ellis at To see more information regarding this posting please click here.