Head Gardener

Hiring Organization: Fourth and Walnut
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Application Deadline: May 27, 2019

Job Description

A love and knowledge of plants and ornamental gardening is required. Must devote self to client’s enjoyment of their gardens through leading and working alongside a small, dedicated crew of other gardeners. Will direct crew in weeding, proper trimming, mulching, planting/transplanting, and general garden care. Will find interest and accomplishment in completing these tasks every day. Education and experience in ornamental gardening and/or horticulture (identification, planting, soil health, disease and pest treatment, etc.) required.  Alacrity, leadership, honesty, communication, organization must be shown. Innovation, the desire to take personal ownership of our brand, and the ability to push the envelope are key.

The Head Gardener will be required to-

  • Observe and recognize gardening needs in a client’s garden.
  • Meet with clients regularly to receive requests and address needs.
  • Give recommendations to clients on how we can more effectively care for their garden and make it more beautiful.
  • Give instruction and guidance to a crew of 2-3 dedicated gardeners - track hours and costs, boost morale, help in hiring, work with scheduler.
  • Communicate issues and complaints between client and owners.
  • Drive truck and small trailer. Use power tools. Lift 100+ lbs. 

Job location - Ann Arbor, MI


Based on skills listed - competitive. $18-25/hr, benefits package including health and profit sharing.

Full-time with flexible winter hours.

Additional Training/Certification opportunities available

Position to be filled by Spring 2019

To Apply

Please click the "Apply" button below, or click here for more information.

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