Horticulturist / Nursery Manager

Hiring Organization: City Escape Garden Center & Design Studio
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: January 1, 2015

Horticulturist/Nursery Manager

Under the direction of the owner of City Escape, this person shall provide professional advice on the selection, ordering, and care of all plants for City Escape. The person will responsible for overseeing all aspects of the retail operation as it relates to the purchasing, maintaining, and selling of trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants, either to customers or to landscapers.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  •   Being directly involved will all stages of planning, preparing, maintaining, monitoring, and evaluating the sale of green goods for City Escape
  •   Will be responsible for the financial side of the perishable inventory and for making sure that target profit margins are met

  •   Will interact with vendors and staff to make sure City Escape has the best quality and quantity of plants and other supplies to meet customer needs

  •   Interact with customers and recommend which plants would best suit their landscaping and gardening needs

  •   Be personally involved in coordinating and supporting the activities of plant buyers, customer service, and plant maintenance personnel.

  •   Keep abreast of the latest plant introductions and their pros and cons

  •   Responsible for training staff in the basics of plant care, as well as enforcing company policy

  •   Must be able to give advice on plant diseases and other areas of plant care like how to use fertilizers, weed control, etc.

  •   Will be responsible for directing and providing proper cultural care for plants in all areas

  •   Will be responsible for supervising the work of others

  •   May need to visit landscape sites and give suggestions

  •   Must consult with landscape personnel on the selection of plants

  •   Be reliable, responsible and able to work independently or part of a team

    Position requires the individual to:

  •   Be willing to work as a positive and integral part of City Escape’s team effort; develop a team atmosphere

  •   Maintain a positive attitude and outlook toward the work performed

  •   Be able to manage multiple departments

  •   Be able to multi-task with changing day-to-day needs of the business and meet deadlines

  •   Use a practical approach to selling inventories on hand and have an understanding of selling perishable products with inventory influenced by such factors as weather

  •   Be able to successfully communicate with diverse customers and co-workers

  •   Have excellent organizational, written and oral communication skills

  •  Have advanced knowledge of horticulture principles and techniques, methods, materials, tools/equipment used in the care of plants including:

    • Planting and maintenance methods

    • Eradication/control of plant diseases and pests

    • Soil/foliar/water testing

  •   Have some knowledge of the fundamental principles of landscaping

Job Requirements:

  •   Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture with 5 -10 years management and field experience

  •   Must have thorough knowledge about various plants, their basic care, and how to maintain and manage them

  •   Must be interested in plants and their development

  •   Must have considerable knowledge of the principles of nursery management

  •   Have good knowledge of the principles of supervision

  •   Must be good with numbers and recordkeeping

  •   Strong written and verbal communication skills

  •   Good leadership skills

  •   Ability to teach other employees

  •   Able to translate technical information to a focused and specific assignment.

  •   Provide a goal oriented work process while motivating and leading others with a supportive atmosphere

  •   Self motivation and a commitment to high quality

  •   Current and clear driver’s license

  •   Current pesticide applicator’s license (or ability to obtain within 1 month)

  Arborist certificate is desirable


You may send your resume or any questions to jobs@cityescape.biz