Hydroponic Greenhouse Grower

Hiring Organization: Golden Fresh Farms
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Wapakoneta, OH
Application Deadline: March 31, 2017

We are looking for a grower with an ambition in learning and growing with the company, we are an innovative company constantly looking to expand our knowledge in the greenhouse industry.

The Grower will be responsible for:

-       Crop development and production

-       Managing the growing area and related aspects of the farm (Including climate and irrigation controls)

-       Working with Integrated Pest Management program at the facility (Pest and Disease Prevention)

-       Maintaining records, data and research projects

-       Complete daily tasks in the operation

-       Work with international partners in respects to Research and Development and Food Safety requirements

-       Communication with suppliers, contractors, service providers, consultants and international partners

Desirable Skills:

-       Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent in controlled environment agricultural studies, horticultural studies or greenhouse technical program. Knowledge of Integrated Pest Management (Chemicals and Biologicals)

-       General/Basic experience with Computers and Microsoft Word and Excel

-       Social Skills; able to take direction and constructive criticism, supervise other employees, etc.

-       Ability handle with stressful situations, in an efficient and effective manner

Wage: Negotiable


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Only Qualified Candidates Will Be Contacted