Landscape, Tree Care, Irrigation Positions & More

Hiring Organization: Summit Landscape, Inc.
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Marne, MI
Application Deadline: August 30, 2021

Tree Service Groundsman –

This is a support person for a tree climber.  They will get the truck and supplies ready, help with limb removal from the ground.  Great position for people who are interested in the Arborist field or looking to gain experience in tree climbing and limb removal/pruning.  $15.00 to $16.00 per hour

Tree Foreman (Sign on bonus)-

This is a supervising position.  The tree foreman is responsible for the assigned crews that go out to remove trees.  This position partners with the Tree Service Manager.  Operates bucket trucks and makes sure the crews are following ANSI 300 standards regarding safety.  Must have 5 years min of climbing experience using MRS or SRT systems.  Must have 5 years min of pruning and tree removal experience.  Needs a valid CDL Class A license and clean driving record.  Management experience required.  $19.00 to $28.00 per hour

Landscape Maintenance Foreman –

This is a supervising position.  The landscape maintenance foreman must have 5 years of bed maintenance/lawn care management experience.  Valid Chauffeur’s license required.  Pesticide Certification required.  2 years of management experience.  Experience with light and heavy equipment, mowers and various landscaping equipment.  $15.00 to $19.00 per hour

Mowing Crew Member –

The Mowing Crew Member must have at least 2 years of commercial mowing experience on X-marks, Grand Stands, and Zero Turns. Valid Chauffeur’s license.  Experience with weed whacking, edging, pruning and weeding.  Must have a great work ethic and be reliable.  Willing to put in the extra effort and do what is needed.  Looking for someone who works well in a team and supports and respects his team members. – Perfect entry level position for someone who has only dabbled in lawn care but looking to get more involved in the industry.  $13.00 to $16.00 per hour

Landscape Foreman –

This is a supervisory position.  Manages a crew of 1 to 2 people. Needs to have a high level of quality and efficiency.  3-5 years of landscape construction/installation experience.  (including building retaining walls and patios) Must have management experience.  Valid chauffeur’s driver license with clean record.  Understands how to read, interpret and instruct others from a landscape design blueprint.  Understands financial aspects of each job assignment.  $18.00 to $24.00 per hour

Bed Maintenance Crew Member –

This is an entry level position and no experience is needed.  Perfect for someone who has a passion for the outdoors and landscaping industry.  Valid driver’s license required.  Will be pruning/weeding/mowing/edging/weed whipping and doing fall clean-ups.  This position is supervised by the Landscape Maintenance Foreman.  $13.00 to $14.00 per hour

Landscape Crew Member –

This is for someone who has at least 2 years of landscaping experience, or has dabbled in landscaping and looking to gain more experience under a mentor.  This position will be installing patios and hardscapes.  A valid chauffeur’s driver license is required.  Experience using light and heavy equipment for projects.  $13.00 to $18.00 per hour

Irrigation Installation Foreman (Sign-on bonus) –

This position is a supervisory position.  They will be installing all irrigation system components.  Must have experience managing a crew and at least 3-5 years’ experience with irrigation system installation. Must have excellent communication skills.  $17.00 to $21.00 per hour

Tree Climber (Sign on bonus) –

This is the perfect position for someone who is a “NO FEAR person who has always been a Dare Devil.” This person must have 3-5 years of climbing experience with MRS or SRT systems.  3-5 years of pruning and removing experience required.  Must have a valid chauffeur’s lice and a clean driving record.  CDL preferred. Prefer someone who is an ISA Certified Arborist. $20.00 to $30.00 per hour

Landscape Design Assistant –

This is the perfect position for an intern or someone who has newly graduated and looking to gain experience in the landscape design industry.  They will be aiding in design and sales in a variety of our lines of business.  Primarily responsible in design support.  Must have experience in AutoCAD and MS Office.  Preferred experience in LandFX, Photoshop and SketchUp. Valid driver’s license (chauffeur’s license preferred) Must have a positive and proactive attitude with a high work ethic.  Passionate about the Landscape Design and construction industry.  $15.00 to $17.00 per hour

Irrigation Crew Member –

This person must have at least 2 years’ experience with irrigation system installation.  Responsible for scheduling or handling delivery of materials and equipment when needed.  Ability to collaborate and act professionally.  Must have a strong attention to detail.  Valid Chauffeur’s license required.  Perfect for someone who has dabbled in Irrigation Installation and looking to gain more experience with a mentor.  $13.00 to $17.00 per hour

Mowing Foreman –

This is a supervisory position.  Must have experience in management.  This person is responsible for a crew of 1 to 2 crew members.  Must have excellent customer service and eloquent communication when speaking with customers.  Valid Chauffeur’s driver license required.  Attention to detail and a minimum of 2 years of lawn care maintenance and mowing.  Extensive experience on Zero-turn mowers and able to drive commercial trucks with trailers.  $15.00 to $18.00 per hour

Fertilizer Technician –

This person is responsible for applying fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides to our commercial/residential clients’ landscape, as well as other turf-care related tasks.  Must have experience mixing chemicals and a valid Commercial Pesticide Applicator License (3A, 3B, and 6). Valid chauffeur’s license required.  Experience spreading pesticides and push spreading techniques.  Lawn aeration experience preferred.  $13.00 to $21.00 per hour

Irrigation Service Technician -

This person must have experience maintaining and troubleshooting irrigation systems for residential and commercial clients.  They will be activating and winterizing irrigation systems.  Must have at least 2 years of experience in Irrigation Service Repair.  Valid chauffeur’s license required.  Excellent communication skills.  $15.00 to $20.00 per hour.