Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Services

Hiring Organization: Effiong Family
Employment type: Part-Time
Job Location: Okemos, MI
Application Deadline: August 31, 2018

Landscaping and lawn maintenance services needed:

The Effiong is looking for an individual to help maintain their 0.9 acre yard.

Job Details:

  • Trench around perimeter of the house and add mulch
  • Add mulch around all trees
  • Cut down limbs that are hanging off the trees
  • South side island, remove landscaping blocks out of the island and trench around the island and add mulch
  • On the North side island, trim down the high brush and trench around the island and add mulch - cut the grass and pick up all the leaves
  • Roll the lawn, aerate lawn
  • Edge around the street, driveway, and sidewalk
  • Repair grass on yard out by the curb
  • Along the property line on the west side, remove all the dead wood on the ground only and add only a mulch covering approved by the homeowner
  • About 50 yards of black mulch will be needed

For More Information:

Please contact Chinwe Effiong at (770) 655-8074 or for more information about this job posting.