Maintenance Foreman

Hiring Organization: TruNorth Landscaping LLC
Employment type: Full-Time
Job Location: Traverse City, MI
Application Deadline: April 5, 2019

TruNorth is a growing Landscape Design, Construction, and Maintenance Company continually adding individuals to our team.


Our key to success

Ask anyone what our greatest strength is and all would agree it is our people. While experience and knowledge are essential, we place great value on hiring individuals with a sound moral compass.


What we offer

We are committed to growing our team members professionally, as well as personally. We offer a clear path for career advancement, and hire from within whenever possible. We are focused on building a team where each member is valued, their ideas and growth encouraged, and their home life respected. We do our best to create a positive, friendly, fun work experience!


If you are interested in becoming a foreman, or in exploring other opportunities with TruNorth, please contact us at, call us at 231.922.0087, or visit us at the Student Roundtable at LANDSCAPES in Louisville, Kentucky in October!

Job Purpose

  • The purpose of this job is to help the company grow and make a profit by…
    • Completing jobs efficiently
    • Managing job sites
    • Ensuring everyone on the crew is working safely
    • Promoting customer satisfaction and company image
    • Continually look for a better way to do the job

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Complete jobs efficiently
    • Manage crew to meet time and quality goals
    • Track time & services on daily job logs; turn in daily
    • Receipt procedure followed
    • Review route/jobs with crew each morning
    • Perform daily inspections on trucks and equipment
    • Communicate any issues or concerns with Landscape Maintenance Manager
    • Prepare truck & trailer at the end of the day for the next day
    • Manage quality control of jobs
  • Manage job sites
    • Keep job sites organized and clean
    • Make sure all tools needed to complete the job are in the trailer each day
    • Make sure timecards are accurate
    • Pass along necessary notes or concerns to Landscape Maintenance Manager
    • Report and track special requests
  • Ensure everyone on the crew is working safely
    • Discuss safety with the crew and oversee crew safety
    • Make sure team fills out accident report when necessary
    • All  team members use PPE
    • Ensure that all team members know and understand the safe/proper use and care of equipment, trucks and trailers
  • Promote customer satisfaction and company
    • Cross sell and/or up sell to customers when appropriate
    • Make sure trucks and equipment are always neat and clean
    • Pass down company culture and professionalism
    • All team members have clean uniforms and are neat and clean in appearance
  • Continue to look for a better way to do the job
    • Make recommendations to improve safety, quality and job profitability
    • Seek out opportunities for professional advancement training

Success Measures

  • Job hours at or below projected hours
  • Call backs less than 5 per season
  • No missing job logs or receipts
  • Safety first, no preventable accidents
  • Positive attitude and image
  • Increase cross selling as a percentage of sales by 5%
  • Clean trucks and equipment that consistently meet company standards
  • Satisfied customers that rate between an 8-10 on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest
  • At least one idea per season to improve either safety, quality or job profitability

To Apply

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